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Angel Wolf remade thingy Fox by FeisuCakester

OK. First of all the great anatomy of the wolf is show and the pose overall works fine with the wolf, even the wings match with the wol...

Kalos Starter Wallpaper by Aven-Mochi

The picture itself is really cute. The technique and colors are really done in relation with each Pokemon happy expresions. Fennekin Ch...

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Chapter 4: Tides of change

So then how should we put it? This is Theodore’s own point o view of the travel so far…
It all began when the ships were found and with them we found a nearby shore or sea type mass of water, Solari got the great idea of repairing the ships and that we should go and discover new lands, especially ever since the fight with the Void clan, we thought for now it was a better strategy to retire for now… If they were to come again they would then be ready for them.

In any case, thanks to the preparations and everything, they all set sail… My pet Carbunkle was of course happy of this, since he is a Spheal and he is water/Ice he loved to be in the water and to keep creating hail and other water moves he knew…
So far apart from a mysterious Pokemon we found in the water and other little rain we had, there hasn’t been any other trouble coming from this trip, we even found an island and made our little festival, but that’s a story for another time. So far this trip has been all calmed down and kind of boring… But I have to say I did get another water pet here… now my dear Carbunkle has a friend to play with.

So what has happened after that?

Nothing that much… all that happened after all of this, is we found this new place, we managed to reach the other side of this sea or whatever it was called… but much to our dismay it was still a desert, well not a desert that much, it had some vegetation and some fresh water… but still it had somewhat little population of pokemons, but we can’t be for sure… All we can do now is hope and to pray everything will be ok… I know it won’t but I hope we can endure it.
RS Chapter 4 Tide of change
Another soemwhat short chapter :)

Still It was because of lack of time plus this sickness ;_;

I hope my next chapters will be better :D

For :iconradiant-spirits:
Plot Point: Ocean Survey
So then, some time has passed and no land or island has been seen in some time, a pair of weeks to be honest. Luckily there were still plenty of rations and food, for some months. However they would still need to find some kind of scouting for a land soon…

This time, it was Theodore’s turn to do some scouting in the crow’s nest ad not only that, since he could fly in the sky he also needed to search flying for any traces of land.

Theodore thought it was one of the most boring jobs and missions ever, but still it were orders of Solari so he had to do it… And it wasn’t until much later he found a little island… a place with some vegetation and apparently clear water… He gave the advice to everyone, about the island… a place where they could have some rest and possible have a little festival there.
Plot Point: Ocean Survey
And another chapter done for Theodore :D

Sorry if ym chapters are so small ;_;

Just tyring my best to compelte the task :D for :iconradiant-spirits:
Rs Mission: Fishing time…

Another sunny day was happening in the sea, Theodore then saw Fenril with a fishing Rod and with his non-amused expression of always. Thedore tried to wave at him and to greet him.

“What are you doing?” asked Theodore.

“Nothing just fishing, Solari gave me this fishing rod… You should get one soon…” said Fenril a she continue with his fishing stuff.

“I see thanks…” said Theodore as he then began to fly into Solari’s boat and talked with him about the fishing rods, Theodore then knew about the little fishing contest, since they were in the sea, he then gave Theodore a fishing rod one for him and one for Sabrina…. Then he returned to his ship in order to begin the fishing.

After some hours, and after seeing how Carbunkle was kinda scaring some of the water Pokemon, they thought they were not going to fish anything at all. But then Theodore’s fishing rod began to move and then noticed something in the water, a light… He then began to pull the strings until something came into the ship. It was a Chinchou, that immediately send a little spark towards both, trying to get away, but he was too scared to move.

“Please little one, don’t be afraid, we won’t hurt you” said Theodore. Then the Chinchou somewhat calmed and hugged Theodore and Sabrina as a sign of trusting both. Both knew that they would not win the contest with just a Chinchou, but they were happy for their catch.
RS Mission: Sinking Feeling

After some time in the sea, everything seemed normal in the sea, Theodore and Sabrina were a bit busy, since it was actually the *perfect day* No storms, no aggressive Pokemon, and apart from the injured Pokemon and its pet, no one else was worried about pretty much anything.

“In all of these trip… I hope the rest continues as peaceful as this one…” said Theodore. Sabrina, nodded and then noticed something was wrong as she noticed that the water was actually closer to the water level.

“Theodore… hum…” said Sabrina, but she decided to check it before anything, she went to the storage in the lower level, and saw some holes that made the water go inside the ship.

“Theodore, come down here now!” shouted Sabrina as she tried to fill the holes with her paws. Theodore came there with his Spheal Carbunkle and noticed the holes inside the ship. He then ordered to use hail and that made the water to turn into ice and to block the holes.

“There problem solved, so let’s go and have some fun in the water” said Theodore not minding much about that problem. Sabrina, shrugged and simply accompanied him to the upper part of the ship to enoy the rest of that *perfect* day.
RS Mission: Sinking Feeling
Another short sotry, because anyone deserves a storuy with no fights and no big probles whatsoever :D

For :cionRadiant-Spirits:
Theodore Fairings:Version 4 by CrossCartoon
Theodore Fairings:Version 4
Edit: Added the bonus and other type one plus the level stars and penalty ones

This is my new update app for :iconradiant-spirits:

As you see ntohing is changed from the original. The only thing I blame is my inability to make 2 same designs despite being the same characters ;_; But yeah nothing was changed toTheodore not his colors or anything... :)

I hope this is right :D

Name: Theodore Fairings
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Height: 1’ 06â€
Color: Cherry Blossom Pink
Type: Fairy / Normal
Abilities: Pixilate / Moody
Nature: Relaxed.
HP: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star-empty::star-empty: (+1 for type bonus)
ATK: :star: :star: :star: :star-half: :star-empty: :star-empty: (-0.5 for type penalty)
DEF: :star: :star: :star: :star-half: :star-empty: :star-empty: (-0.5 for type penalty)
SP.A: :star: :star:  :star: :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty: (+0.5 for level)
SP.D: :star: :star: :star: :star-empty: :star-empty::star-empty: (+0.5 for level)
SPD: :star: :star: :star: :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty:
Natural: Nuzzle, Thunderbolt, Light screen, Slam.
Special: Flash, Dig.
Type Attributes: Substitute, Hyper Beam, Draining Kiss, Disarming voice.
Likes: Mostly he likes just the relaxing and peaceful landscapes plus the flower fields. Also he loves making giving flower gifts. He even likes the black roses; even he claims they are his favorites.
Dislikes: Ruin the landscape with fights, and mostly does who pollute and just want to destroy everything.
Personality: A charming and somewhat gallant one. Mostly reserved on his own world, nobody ever knows what he is thinking. He hides a very destructive side if he gets cornered or way too *pushed*

Theodore Story.

Theodore doesn’t very much where or why he was born. All he knew after he was hatched in some kind of ruins made out of strange old old structures, not sure where he was… all he knew was he was a pichu alone in a solitary world.

When the time passed he was incredible lucky to find useful stuff on his own road, he even got his tie when he was walking through the ruins… and he just saw it lying there wondering why it was there. He took it with him and began to use ever since then.

One day he was sleeping on a tree burrow he found, unknown where he belonged or where to go…. He was really sad that night and he was tired of being alone. In the morning he heard a noise… It was a pokemon name Jigglypuff he just saw it giggling and then he noticed that he was glowing when the Pokemon approached him.  He wondered why and before he knew he was laughing for now reason… He was and felt strangely happy. The jigglypuff giggled and then flied away… Theodore simply followed him and then saw in front of himself a camp in the border of a desert and before he knew… He evolved right in there. He doesn’t know why or how it happened… He thinks it was one of Jigglypuff’s special abilities or something.

In the abandoned camp he found traces that it was habitated by some other pokemon but they left it. He then saw some kind pof note saying that to anyone that glows or is a pichu, pikachu or raichu with strange markings to follow the map to the new camp site.

Theodore thought that with that he would find some answers and that he would find his true origins and that maybe someday he will see that Pokemon Jigglypuff again… He took a discarded shawl and made his way through the desert and just stopped in a Little oasis to have some water before reaching the Camp and beginning his life with them.

Fun Facts: Always confused with a female. He doesn’t mind.
His nickname is mostly Theodore Lollipop due his markings.
His birtrhdate is June 30 Right in the middle of the year :D


Survival of the fittest.


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