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solidspy AT by Emolg-Emo

What can we said for a try and comapred to your lastest art, this one is rather good :) FOr example take the background, is very wodnerf...

Angel Wolf remade thingy Fox by FeisuCakester

OK. First of all the great anatomy of the wolf is show and the pose overall works fine with the wolf, even the wings match with the wol...

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deviation in storage by AndyArts



Theodore radiant Spirits Ref 5 by CrossCartoon
Theodore radiant Spirits Ref 5

Edit: i changed te nature penalty. 

I had to use my ipad to uplaod this... ;) so i kidna solved it that... Sorry

This is my new update app for :iconradiant-spirits:

Again, if he looks at all different is because of my inability to make a copy of the same character. Please I am sorry if he looks different. I swear I didn’t change him at all.

I hope this is right :D

Name: Theodore Fairings
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height: 1' 06"
Color: Cherry Blossom Pink
Type: Fairy / Normal
Abilities: Pixilate / Moody
Nature: Relaxed.
HP: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:  :star-empty::star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty:  (+1 for type bonus)
ATK: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star-empty: :star-empty:  :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty:  (-0.5 for type penalty)
DEF: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:  :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-half: (-0.5 for type penalty)(+1for Nature)
SP.A: :star: :star:  :star: :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty:
SP.D: :star: :star: :star: :star-empty: :star-empty::star-empty: (-1 for Nature)
SPD: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:  :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty:

EVA: :star: :star: :star: :star:  ACC: :star: :star: :star-empty: :star-empty:
Natural: Nuzzle, Thunderbolt, Light screen, Slam.
Special: Flash, Dig.
Type Attributes: Substitute, Hyper Beam, Draining Kiss, Disarming voice.
Likes: Mostly he likes just the relaxing and peaceful landscapes plus the flower fields. Also he loves making giving flower gifts. He even likes the black roses; even he claims they are his favorites.
Dislikes: Ruin the landscape with fights, and mostly does who pollute and just want to destroy everything.
Personality: A charming and somewhat gallant one. Mostly reserved on his own world, nobody ever knows what he is thinking. He hides a very destructive side if he gets cornered or way too *pushed*

Theodore Story.

Theodore doesn’t very much where or why he was born. All he knew after he was hatched in some kind of ruins made out of strange old old structures, not sure where he was… all he knew was he was a pichu alone in a solitary world.

When the time passed he was incredible lucky to find useful stuff on his own road, he even got his tie when he was walking through the ruins… and he just saw it lying there wondering why it was there. He took it with him and began to use ever since then.

One day he was sleeping on a tree burrow he found, unknown where he belonged or where to go. He was really sad that night and he was tired of being alone. In the morning he heard a noise… It was a pokemon name Jigglypuff he just saw it giggling and then he noticed that he was glowing when the Pokemon approached him. He wondered why and before he knew he was laughing for now reason… He was and felt strangely happy. The jigglypuff giggled and then flied away… Theodore simply followed him and then saw in front of himself a camp in the border of a desert and before he knew… He evolved right in there. He doesn’t know why or how it happened… He thinks it was one of Jigglypuff's special abilities or something.

In the abandoned camp he found traces that it was habitated by some other pokemon but they left it. He then saw some kind pof note saying that to anyone that glows or is a pichu, pikachu or raichu with strange markings to follow the map to the new camp site.

Theodore thought that with that he would find some answers and that he would find his true origins and that maybe someday he will see that Pokemon Jigglypuff again… He took a discarded shawl and made his way through the desert and just stopped in a Little oasis to have some water before reaching the Camp and beginning his life with them.

After the attack of the tower, he lost both his wife and egg… despite trying to defend them the monster was way too powerful for him to handle… and he just entered a huge depression along with some of his friends that also lost someone dear to them. He then decided to get up and stood for them like with Spencer his best friend to the point of giving him a collar to him… :)


But luckily he also met a new one Sugar Cane that quickly showed him the love and turts he also wanted… and trying to rebuild his life he also went and had her as wife and with time a new daughter named Cadence…. And always trying to find the best for his life and make sure he does his best with his life.

Fun Facts: Always confused with a female. He doesn't mind.
His nickname is mostly Theodore Lollipop due his markings.
His birtrhdate is June 30 Right in the middle of the year.

After becoming a father for the first time… he know seems to be a bit more reserved with others and spends most of his time with his family, but always has time to do missions for the sake and security of his family.

Chapter 7: radiant Spirits.
After passing sometime in the tower, Theodore finally could forget and pout his tragedy in the past… Now he had Sugar cane in his life and a very happy one. He was so happy she was with him and also was also happy that now he could rebuild his life with new friends and a new special one in his life… but of course something had to happen…
A huge tremor quickly made the entire place to move… and suddenly the walls began to crumble and then an alarm sounded. Theodore woke up abruptly and tried to wake up Sugar Cane. They had to leave as some kind of beast was attacking the tower. With that he quickly took sugar Cane by the arm and tried to find a way out… but then he had to use an Hyper Beam to make a hole and escape flying out of the tower and made his way out to a safe place as he went to a part in the forest.
“Stay here, I am going to try to help” said Theodore as he flied back trying to guide some of the fleeing Glowchus. He tried to guide them towards the same safe spot. He then spotted Arlen and Spencer trying to fight the beast so others could escape, but then the beast roared and took flight and while doing so he sent some part of the tower rubble towards both. Theodore then used his disarming voice to  destroy the rubble and then escorted both to the safe place…
“I hope we will be safe here” said Sugar cane keeping close to Theodore seeing how the tower crumbled to the attack of the beast… leaving everyone back to square one.
Radiant Spirits: Chapter 7
And ehre is my chapter for the radiant SPririts

Really short one just 300 words XD

For :iconradiant-spirits:
Radiant Spirits Mission: Scavenger Hunt (Riddle 3)
The final riddle and apparently the most complex one was then  posted in the bulletin board and finally then it said: A lovely little gift, with thankfulness imbued. If given one of these, it's a sign you have one's gratitude. And of course both Spencer and Sugar Cane thought it was the time for Theodore to answer this one. Theodore of course tried his best to make sure he got the correct answer.
“… … Shaymin…” said Theodore after thinking everything through.
“The legendary grass Pokemon? Why would it be him?” asked Spencer, a bit puzzled.
“Because of the item it leaves…” said Theodore. “The soothe bell as it boost the friendship… Even if I got it wrong, it would be a nice secondary prize for us”
“I guess so, so you know where have you seen this soothe bells?” asked Sugar Cane. Theodore surprisingly nodded since it was some kind of thing that he heard in the middle of a lake not too long ago. They all went towards the lake Theodore mentioned. They saw something shining from the middle island of it. Theodore simply flied towards it and reached it in no time. Again it was pretty easy for being a legendary item I mean if it could be considered like that. Either way they brought the Soothe Bell back. And all that remained was to get the answers to see if their answers were correct.
Radiant Spirits Mission: Scavenger hunt 3
and the final riddle I hope i got them right.

BTw I do not find the folder to upload them.

Radiant Spirits Mission: Scavenger Hunt (Riddle 2)
After giving their answer for the first riddle, Theodore, Spencer and Sugar Cane read the second riddle that said the following: This item is a gift from a majestic bird of flight. Get your hands on one of these and power's surely in your sight. This time it was a bit tougher since all 3 Pokemon took some time to figure it out.
“I know… I think I know… It is talking about the Legendary bird Ho-Oh and what he leaves behind from time to time… It is the Sacred Ash…” said Sugar cane. But now the problem was to find the item as it seemed impossible to know where HO-Oh was. But Sugar cane said it was not necessary, and she found some time ago some kind of cave with that Ho-Oh once stayed there and since Sacred Ash didn’t rot away with time and like Ho-oh it seemed to be *immortal*.
Then they all went to the cave where Sugar Cane found the ashes, and they brought a bag full of it. Luckily for them the cave was deserted with no Pokemons to be found inside. They thought it would be nice if the waited a time before going into the next riddle item to rest and recover.
Radiant Spirits Mission: Scavenger hunt 2
And here is the riddle and its second answer :)

Sacred Ash a item given from Ho-Oh.

Again for :iconradiant-spirits:
Radiant Spirits Mission: Scavenger Hunt (Riddle 1)
After all that has happened, it was a lucky thing that Solari and Mirage found something to reanimate and cheer the spirits of everyone. She thought about doing a scavenger hunt… and the rules were simply, Solari and Mirage would post some riddles about the scavengers and make sure that they got the correct items brought.
Theodore thought it would be nice to make something to distract his mind from all the lately deaths… He of course invited his best friend Spencer and his new love Sugar Cane. They thought more people would be nice for them to share the prizes if they got the stuff right.
The first riddle was posted and it said the following: “Myriad of these exist with a variety of effects, but if paralysis is your ailment, only a single one protects.”
“I wonder what that might mean…” said Theodore.
“Paralysis… I think it means about the effect of the electric type moves… Like nuzzles and thunder-wave.” Implied Sugar Cane.
“Then I already know the answer for that” said Spencer as he then knew it was one of those berries. Theodore and Sugar Cane followed until they all reached some bushes that were growing Cheri Berries. They brought them back and then waited for the answer to see if they were correct. On meantime, they were going to do their best for the other 2 riddles.
Radiant Spirits Mission: Scavenger hunt
And this the first riddle

Jsut in case: The answer is well the Cheri Berries. Not sure if i shouldpost the answer or not XD

But anywya for :iconradiant-spirits: XD

Word 214


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Show the dark and light side
Artist | Student | Literature
Myschief Dummy by Pikacshu


What can I say of myself?
There is nothing much to be honest... I just like vore and well... try to keep friends with me... do the right thing ^^;

and I just try to be as helpful as I can.

My Light and dark Side I use them with responsibility ;) Don't worry :D Working in it :D

Current Residence: México
Favourite genre of music: Anything with a catchy tune
Favourite style of art: Any...
Favourite cartoon character: I think now that my list is BIG
Personal Quote: "Don't let appearances fool you. We all have a dark and light side"
I really finally found my reason to live... :D ^^ I just last week... I just got the best and... most awesome gift of all :)

I just find that people are truly happy... of having me as friend...

I mean they are truly grateful with me... And that... just means the best to me

After long years of almost being some kind of scumbag... Finally I am justtruly happy and free from my own chains of the doubt and lack of self-confidence :)

I just want tosay... Thank you... Thank to al of you ;_;

Thanks for saving me from my own guilt and from my own pain...

Now I can just look forward into a bright future :)

Because of that I just want to dedicate another of my changed songs like from another journal :)

This time coming from this song :D

Again done by the Living tOmbstone :D

Hope you enjoy my improvised lyrics

I don't what I was thinking,
coming to this site,
now i am happy with the bless
and now is bright

with all this  joy, calm and happiness
coming to follow me forever
i can't wait for the light
of our freindship :D

It is a friendship I am seeking?
Or seeking someone to befriend me?
stuck in a happy paradox
to set myself free

Maybe i should share these feelings
before it makes me explode.
It won't be long
before Iexplode of happiness.

It's been so long
since i have seen myself
loot in the friendship
to the man behind the computer.

Since ytou have been here,
I been saying the same words
So i could help them,
with my friends life.

I wish this present could last forveer
with the giofts of my friends here
but the future just keeps getting brighter
like a nice fireworks.

YOu sweet wonderful word.
all your kind smiles...
is what i love the most
This happy memories
push me forward.

Kindness is making me happier.
And happiness is making me kind...
What happened between us
i am overjoyed.

It lingers into my mind and the thoughts keep getting bigger
Thank you all my friends, I wish i could be there :)

It's been so long
since i have seen myself
loot in the friendship
to the man behind the computer.

Since ytou have been here,
I been saying the same words
So i could help them,
with my friends life.

Thank you everyone :) Thank you :)
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Drinking: Water

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