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solidspy AT by Emolg-Emo

What can we said for a try and comapred to your lastest art, this one is rather good :) FOr example take the background, is very wodnerf...

Angel Wolf remade thingy Fox by FeisuCakester

OK. First of all the great anatomy of the wolf is show and the pose overall works fine with the wolf, even the wings match with the wol...

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deviation in storage by AmandaDaHamster



Chapter 1: … and the matter has answered.

Blake returned home with her girlfriend Skye, he was a bit depressed for 2 things: first he was participating in the project of finding the Squaliens planet and ever since he was brought by force to the FBI after he was involved into some weird alien activity due the Squaliens he was forced to mature too soon and with that he also pulled his best friend Mitch into all of that. He always knew he was going to become a space ranger in the future, but he never thought the path would be that hard. And second one was that he was about to get married with the person he always knew ever since he made first contact with the Squaliens. All the works was making some friction between him and his girlfriend Skye, a red haired white woman that preferred peace over war. And for some reason, that night… he also got a bad feeling. He looked to the stars in the sky that night…

“Usually whenever I saw the night and saw the stars they always inspired hope in me and it seemed as if they called me for my future. But for some reason today I see them and I have the feeling some darkness is approaching…” thought Blake as he was entering home. Unaware to him something was indeed happening at that very moment.

Meanwhile… in the Squaliens planet, Maria watched as the symbol of the red acorn began to glow even brighter and she just saw a flame forming inside of it. In that moment, the Squalien general came and saw the entire ritual too.

“Maria, what is the meaning of all this? Did you finally found the way…?” he asked upon seeing the red flames.

“I am not sure… I was just seeing a page with a symbol of a red acorn and then it began to grow and glow until it became like this” she replied and then with a little explosion in the place and then a figure of a red squirrel appeared in the middle of it.

“… … … MY lord… … Crossarious James Sciurus Lopez… … Is it really you?” asked Maria as she kneeled upon seeing him and so did the General. Crossarious coughed a bit upon arriving from all the dust his entrance produced. He then saw both Squirrels kneeling before him…

“I think I have been sealed way too long” thought Crossarious upon closer inspection of the clothes of both of his servants. The Squalien General was wearing a green military uniform and apparently the upper part of an acorn as helmet and Maria was wearing just a blue flannel and ribbon on her neck. There was a big silence in the room as Crossarious also saw the place where he was that was apparently a library but also had devices strange for him like computers and even the cell phones that both squirrels were carrying.

“I think I have been away way too long. Things have lost the old taste I knew… yet I find it interesting enough” finally said Crossarious as he then approached both squirrels and smiled a bit. “But at least I am glad my dear Sciurenensis haven’t forgotten about me”

“Sciurenensis?” asked the Squalien Seneral.

“That’s the old name we used to have… with time that name was forgotten during or wars with other planets” explained Maria.

“True… thanks for saving me from explanations. Now I was wondering, have you been carried with my last order I gave you? About the domination of other worlds in the look for food?” asked Crossarious as he then approached a computer and began to press some of the buttons and was startled about how that thing worked.

“In a manner of speaking we have… thought the progress has been halted a bit my sir” said the Squalien General. “We have managed to conquer Trofos, Flexia, Alicantros and Mlick… and recently in the Solar System 101 of Milky Way: Jupiter, Mars and… *cough* we are in progress of doing that with Earth”

“… … I see… Slow progress if you ask me. Yet not surprising, it seems you have forgotten the old customs. For example, I think you have found ways to develop other technologies. How do you call this thing?” asked Crossarious as he lifted the mouse from the computer.

“That’s called a computer my lord, it is used to simplify certain matter including communication and info looking. And even some use it for entertainment” explained Maria as she showed Crossarious how to use it and showed him some info about the recent reports of Earth.

“I see pretty interesting if you ask me” said Cross giggling a bit. “So then who of you sent the Chatter of teeth? I am pretty sure someone made it”

“Nobody as far as we know” replied Maria.

“I think it was both my nephews. Maxus and Jerome… I sent them along with another Squal… I mean Sciurenensis named Leonard in a mission to collect info and weaken the defenses of Earth. Apparently even there was a human that is hindering our plans of war and long short story is they were captured and are trying to collect info about us” answered the Squalien General. “Please, you got to free them”

Cross didn’t answered at first, he just headed towards the window to see what his planet became after his absence. He saw the buildings vehicles and squirrels walking and moving through the streets. All the acorn shaped futuristic buildings with fancy colors screens, making announcements and other weird stuff that was still new for Crossarious. He was glaring a bit but then changed that glare for a smirk and finally answered.

“Human huh? I haven’t heard of those species in a long time. I have to say I am kind of… disappointed of what I have seen and heard so far. It is a bit sad to see you all have forgotten about why we used to be feared among universes and even why others surrendered to us immediately upon hearing our names. But it doesn’t matter now… I shall put everything the way it should be” said Cross upon realizing that even if he didn’t understand this new stuff he was going to do his best to adapt and still get everyone back into the old customs. “Don’t worry, I will get them… and bring them back. And after that we will plan the new orders I have to give. Now Solar System 101 of Milky Way right?”

“Yes” answered the Squalien general.

“So be it. Now if you excuse me, Eugene… I will get your nephews” said Crossarious as he then disappeared in a blink and left both Sciurinensis perplexed about what just happened among their eyes.

“How did he knew my name?” asked the Squalien General.

“This is bad…” said Maria, actually falling on her knees and trembling a bit.

“Why? He is going to save my nephews and guide us in our mission of conquest… Why is that bad?” asked Eugene.

“Because the expression of him and him mentioning the old customs. If any of that might happen, many of us might not accept it” said Maria, worryingly expressing what might come next.

“Are those old customs that bad?” asked Eugene.

“It depends on how refined is your appetite… in my case, I will try to bear it and literally swallow my pride with all my will. And I hope you get ready for the same, as sometimes you might find it that a bit weird. But I wonder about the others” said Maria, as he then headed back to the library to do more research about the implications of this old customs.

Meanwhile… Leonard returned to the base and was waiting in the outside near of it, waiting for something to happen, as he had a feeling that during that time something was going to happen. Inside the base, Jerome and Maxus woke up from their unconscious state, and before someone else could do anything, Jerome began to cry silently. Maxus saw his brother, that overweight yet naïve and kind squirrel and couldn’t felt more than pity for him and the situation that brought both there. Nobody could know that plan that got them captured would end in weeks and months of torture and being forced to talk. They were trained to bear with any of that and… yet he knew his brother would not be able to resist that much.

“Don’t worry my brother, we will get out of here soon. I will find a way to get us out of here” said Maxus. Jerome didn’t reply and saw his brother Maxus, short and with a big black nose, yet he knew when to act as a true Sciurenensis, strong and taking advantage of any opportunity in combat. And despite both fighting over the credit of missions, they knew they cared about each other…

“I know you will…” said Jerome, trying to wipe out his tears with his injured tail. Both tried to smile when suddenly a black figure flashed in front of both and then both noticed as the restrains of both quickly disappeared in thin air. Then both noticed as they got healed as well from all injuries and of course the stomp from their tails. Then they saw as a red squirrel stood in front of them.

“Come with me if you want to leave” said Crossarious as he extended his paw towards both Sciurinensis, who were a bit confused on who was this new squirrel that just freed them and possibly healed them both.

“Sorry, but who are you?” asked Jerome as he and Jerome took his paw and stood up.

“My name is Crossarious James Scirurus Lopez, your old ruler and leader of the Sciurinensis” answered Crossarious as he then saw the cage everyone was and was just walking to see which way was the best.

“Is it really you? See Jerome? I knew he was real” said Maxus as he was excited to see his old leader with them and thought it was a big honor that himself was there to rescue both. “Oh but first we have to get Leonard; we cannot leave him here”

“I know” said Crossarious as he then touched the cage and after he did the crystal broke and then alarms began to set off and before they knew I the cage was being surrounded by men ready to prevent any squirrel to escape.

“I have been waiting to finally see some humans. I was craving to finally have an encounter with them” said Crossarious actually happy to see as the men began to gather in the place. “However you have been torturing my poor Sciurunensis… And you shall that with blood” and then his eyes turned even more crimson red… and then everyone began by firing their weapons. On the outside Leonard smirked upon hearing the alarm and knew it was his moment to act.

Meanwhile… Blake woke up abruptly and then was breathing heavily as if something was happening in that very moment. Skye tried to talk to him but before she could ask anything Blake was already dressed and quickly headed back towards the headquarters. He called Mitch to meet him there… by the time he arrived he saw as the base was actually on perfect state and no noise was heard anymore and that’s when Mitch appeared almost at same time.

“What’s going on here?” asked Mitch, upon giving him and Blake some weapons for whatever might happen and somewhat confused as nothing seemed to happen in the base.

“It cannot be the Squaliens… I can’t be them… please, don’t allow them to be free” said Blake apparently distracted and fearing the worst. As they went inside the building they noticed some of the lights to be blinking and then as they went deeper, Blake was having a very heavy sensation on his shoulders and saw everything as a very bad omen. “What is this sensation?” he thought. Then both moved forward until the cage of the Squaliens but much to their disgust and fear, they saw as the bodies of crushed agents and blood splattering everywhere… none of them was alive. Mitch just threw up upon seeing all of the blood and guts spilled…

“Who did this?” asked Blake, noticing some trail from the corpses and all headed towards one of the exits. Blake and Mitch followed it… but as they did, they only saw more bodies and blood and saw some of the structure destroyed. As they approached Blake was sweating coldly and having shivers in his back. “Will we be able to bear this?” he thought as he also Mitch was even worse than he was.

“I hear… the squaliens. They are saying a word… I think it is a name” said Mitch as then they approached the vehicle hangar. Then they saw the Squaliens and a new red squirrel figure in front of them, and he was holding a human by the neck using the tail and apparently choking him.

“STOP!!” shouted Blake as he was pointing his gun towards them all and so did Mitch, ready to eliminate them if it was necessary. “Put that man down!” he demanded. There was a moment of silence except from the man that was trying to free himself from the tail.

“So this is the Blake I have heard so much? The so called space ranger that is destined to stop us from our invasion?” asked Crossarious, unimpressed from the presence of both humans.

“Don’t underestimate him my Lord. He is more skilled than he looks” said Maxus, ready to protect everyone in case the guns fired.

“You can’t be serious; it is Blake who is now underestimating us. Now that our Lord is here, humans have no future now. With Crossarious at our side we won’t lose again” said Leonard as he had confidence in the new squirrel leader on his side and knew about the legends about him.

“Shut up, you filthy squirrel! And you put that man down! I won’t say it again” demanded Blake, aiming for the head of Crossarious.

“You have no right to give me orders…” said Crossarious as he then wrapped his tail completely into the man’s body and then squished him exploding him with a blood rain that also covered both Mitch and Blake that enraged opened fire and apparently hit Crossarous in the head, but both gasped as they saw he was unaffected by the bullets.

“And soon you will suffer as you made them suffer… It is a promise. But for now, enjoy your defeat” said Crossarious mocking both as he then covered every squirrel in a red aura and then they disappeared in a blink. Blake and Mitch were speechless and immobile from what just happened…  Blake was also for the first time ever, trembling of fear and not knowing what they were facing anymore… or what could they do. In the outside, Father Heart Squirrel was in a  cloud mobile as he witnessed everything and then returned to Care-A-Lot knowing it was finally time to act…
Chapter 1: Squirrely Serie
Yeah, cross is not that forgiving or that nice when someone menaces his loyal squirrels ;)

so then What you think? :D Am I still your ncie squirrel ? :D
Indomitable Pink by CrossCartoon
Indomitable Pink
Yeah :iconmiragemyuu: :D ISn't she nice :) She loves to do my characters :D 

And yeh her style is so ice :D

Now this is a little one ;) Indomitable Hert Squirrel... Pink, nerdy and really powerful ;) Understimate ehr and you get wreck ;) 
Chapter 0: The message that was sent…

The scene begins in a moonlight night… the sound of the wind was sounding in the area… the trees were never that cold… and in the forest a certain chase was taking place… People were giving chase to a certain squirrel. The sounds of orders and voices from the people trying to catch the animal were heard loud and clear… Using special net-launching guns they were trying to caught the sneaky squirrel that was doing his best to move… Then they apparently finally cornered him at the border of a waterfall… The hand flashlights then all pointed to the same prey apparently cornered… revealing an adult human size squirrel wearing black glasses. It wasn’t an earthling squirrel… It was a squalien from a distant planet. His name was Leonard. Then a young adult human with blue hair appeared in front of the chasing squad. His name was Blake Myers, a now FBI agent and future Space ranger that will protect the earth from the Squaliens… or so they said.

“Leonard… You plan has failed again… Nothing of what you do will work on our base. This time you were close but not close enough…” said Blake, Myers defiantly stepping towards the Squalien.

“Blake Myers… You and your plans to find info about our planet, our strategies and overall exploration… They will also fail, both Jerome and Maxus won’t say a word ever… no matter how much torture you apply… You will never know about us” said Leonard, not fazed but still stepping back almost falling in the cliff.

“Torture? Oh no, we are just trying to convince them to tell us everything about you. I won’t allow you Squaliens to conquer us… and much less let us submit to some furry animals…” said Blake as he was about to draw his weapon towards the Squalien.

“In either case… someday you will… pay for this…” said Leonard as he then jumped and revealed his flying squirrel suit and then began to glide away from them. Blake then just stayed in the cliff seeing how Leonard yet again escaped him…

“… … … Someday…” said Blake as he used his cell to call his friend and partner in the FBI Mitch de la Cruz… Who was at the base *interrogating* the other 2 squaliens that were captured first, Jerome and Maxus. “Mitch, are you there?” asked Blake.

“Yes, Blake… how did the mission went? Did you finally captured him?” asked Mitch.

“No, he managed to escape yet again… and what about you? Did they finally talk?” asked Blake as he and the other began to head back to their vehicles and went back to the base.

“No they don’t… They really are stubborn ones. I will wait for you so you can have the last question of today and let’s go home after that” said Mitch, as both turned off their phones and just waited. Meanwhile…

Leonard made a rough landing in the forest as his flying suit was still a prototype… and then after crashing with some branches he managed to reach the new tree base he has… … badly shaken because this try was even more humiliating try to rescue his friends. Leonard never liked that much both Jerome and Maxus but deep inside him he was missing both and even terrified of the horrible stuff that was done at their base. He then entered the lonely base… And as he entered he turned on the monitor to contact the Squalien general.

“Oh there you are… I hope that the rescue mission was successful this time right…?” asked the Squalien General, confident that Leonard’s plan of the invisible coat would work.

“…. … I never thought that human would put heat detectors all over the base… … It failed again…” said Leonard, in the verge of tears due the attempt he made and was so close as he was in the cell where they locked his partners… and both being in some bullet-proof glass cylinder cell apparently down and tired looking.

“… … … … So what’s the next plan…?” asked the Squalien General… also losing all his confidence and not sure what to do anymore…

“… … I don’t have any at the time sir… I just wished the stories you told me before were actually right…” said Leonard, remembering about a certain legend among the Squalien planet that during the old ages, there was a ruler among them all that was strong and knew how to rule among the universe. Legend said that it was sealed thousands of years ago due to a treason among other divinities and that someday it would return to lead the squirrels back to its rightful place. However, that legend became more and more into a fairy tale as no response was given…

“… Believe me… me too… but our priestess… she is not having any luck with the books from our old library…” said the Squalien General. The scene then switched to the priestess named Maria that was looking in old books some way to summon their leader… She even grabbed a piece of burnt paper that fell down from the books. It said “A message of true despair, will bring the power to the rightful owner…”

“I wonder if that has something to do” said Maria, looking at the back of the page and the symbol of a red acorn was drawn in it.
Back in earth Blake arrived at the FBI base and the cell detention where both Jerome and Maxus were being held captive and interrogated by Blake and Mitch. Blake entered the cell knowing that both squirrels were restrained.

“Your friend failed again… now please tell me everything you know” said Blake approaching them and looking them directly into the eyes. Their eyes were emotionless and depressed for some reason. “No response?” said Blake as he slapped Jerome in the face and still received no reaction from him.

“Something we haven’t tried yet?” asked Mitch, as he was there a bit unease as if he had a feeling something was going to happen.

“Well… There’s something I haven’t tried yet” said Blake as he then walked towards the tails of both squirrels and then with a huge force he then stomped on both, which actually caused a reaction on both squirrels. Then they tried to stand up and then with all the force in the world, they let out a chatter of teeth scream squirrel sound that literally shook the entire place and was heard in a long radius and that even made Blake and Mitch to cover his ears. Even Leonard and the squalien general managed to hear that sound. After they ended they got unconscious.

“What was that?” asked Mitch, surprised of the sound they made.

“Well, that was indeed a surprise… and I never expected that” said Blake, as he then decided it was enough for that day. “But in the end, it was something useless… I guess we will have to try tomorrow…” and then both began to exit the cell and closed it… Blake then began to feel the same sensation as Mitch that… soething from that scream was off.


“Did you heard that General…?” asked Leonard, actually recognizing those voices. “I think it was Jerome and Maxus calling for us…” said Leonard now worried. “Sir I know this might sound silly but this is the time where we must have all the faith of the world… We must trust that our leader will come back”

“I wish that would be the case Leonard… I really wish for it” said the squalien General… still unsure but now wanting to believe from the bottom of his heart that the legend would come true soon enough.

Meanwhile… … … In a very distant place planet…

“Mmmmm… …. So it has finally happened…” said a voice in the dark. The scene then shows as the sunrise of a different sun was arising revealing the desolated placed full of rubble from an alien civilization destroyed and vanished from the existence… and then a red figure appeared. It was a red squirrel wearing glasses and a brown collar… He seemed satisfied and with a full belly and licking his lips he saw towards the sky. “Sorry for taking so long my servants, my friends… I had to recover after I was unsealed…” said the red squirrel as he then began to glow into a red aura…

“But first… I will pay a visit to my poor Squaliens… They need someone to teach them the old customes…” said as he then began to take flight towards the space and heading towards the Squalien planet, and as he went, the planet was indeed deserted now and no inhabitant alien was there. Meanwhile at the library Maria noticed as the page she took moments ago began to glow red… She touched it and then the symbol expanded and marked a big area in the library.

“… … Does this mean?” she actually began to say as she ordered some sQualiens to call for the general.

Meanwhile… in a cloudy and somewhat pink place… a certain Care Bear Squirrel was still awake and looking at the window while the mark in his tail began to glow in a bright red.

“So finally… it has begun… …” said the red squirrel, his name was Father Heart Squirrel. “Our leader will come soon”

“Darling what are you doing awake? Come back to bed pelase *yawn*” said a white Care Bear Cousin Squirrel not noticing the glow.

“Yes my love… Tomorrow…” said Father Heart as he went back to bed and hid his glowing mark. “Will be a good day…”
Chapter 0: Squirrely Series
And so it ebgins... ;) SOmething I should ahve done a long time ago... :D Time to finally show everyone the power of the squirrels :D

of course I will take some famous characters and make new ocs for this story :D LEt's see how this will pull ok? :D

Any other charcter belongs to its rightful company :D in this case Get blake! belongs to Marathon Media.

so tell me what you think ^^
True face? Cross will show it by CrossCartoon
True face? Cross will show it
So then this nice masterpiece was done by :iconmiragemyuu: :D 
So then this is my Fursona and most special OC cross :D

NAme: Crossarious James Sciurus Lopez ;)
Specie: Squirrel... First squirrel GOd Ruler of matter. 
Current goal: Just to lead his faithful squirrels into soemthing better ;)

So yeah pretty basic nfo ;) I guess as the story unfolds it will develop better ;) I will try to post chapters as I can and feel :D HOpe you all like it ;) 
Thanks everyone for the happiness and comments you all have given me during these ladays :D I have began my university and made my best to pull of my career I am almost there ;)

Now There's soemthing I have been always to write now that i have some time ;) So then my friends :D As I was saying I soon will try to post my upcoming story....

It might take in an universe different from my other stories I have written :D

Hope you all will enjoy it ;)

En Garde! by MirageMyuu

He will be watching so be careful ;). Image by :iconmiragemyuu:
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Thanks everyone for the happiness and comments you all have given me during these ladays :D I have began my university and made my best to pull of my career I am almost there ;)

Now There's soemthing I have been always to write now that i have some time ;) So then my friends :D As I was saying I soon will try to post my upcoming story....

It might take in an universe different from my other stories I have written :D

Hope you all will enjoy it ;)

En Garde! by MirageMyuu

He will be watching so be careful ;). Image by :iconmiragemyuu:
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