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Angel Wolf remade thingy Fox by FeisuCakester

OK. First of all the great anatomy of the wolf is show and the pose overall works fine with the wolf, even the wings match with the wol...

Kalos Starter Wallpaper by Aven-Mochi

The picture itself is really cute. The technique and colors are really done in relation with each Pokemon happy expresions. Fennekin Ch...

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Theodore Fairings:Version 4 by CrossCartoon
Theodore Fairings:Version 4
Edit: Added the bonus and other type one plus the level stars and penalty ones

This is my new update app for :iconradiant-spirits:

As you see ntohing is changed from the original. The only thing I blame is my inability to make 2 same designs despite being the same characters ;_; But yeah nothing was changed toTheodore not his colors or anything... :)

I hope this is right :D

Name: Theodore Fairings
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Height: 1’ 06â€
Color: Cherry Blossom Pink
Type: Fairy / Normal
Abilities: Pixilate / Moody
Nature: Relaxed.
HP: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star-empty::star-empty: (+1 for type bonus)
ATK: :star: :star: :star: :star-half: :star-empty: :star-empty: (-0.5 for type penalty)
DEF: :star: :star: :star: :star-half: :star-empty: :star-empty: (-0.5 for type penalty)
SP.A: :star: :star:  :star: :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty: (+0.5 for level)
SP.D: :star: :star: :star: :star-empty: :star-empty::star-empty: (+0.5 for level)
SPD: :star: :star: :star: :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty:
Natural: Nuzzle, Thunderbolt, Light screen, Slam.
Special: Flash, Dig.
Type Attributes: Substitute, Hyper Beam, Draining Kiss, Disarming voice.
Likes: Mostly he likes just the relaxing and peaceful landscapes plus the flower fields. Also he loves making giving flower gifts. He even likes the black roses; even he claims they are his favorites.
Dislikes: Ruin the landscape with fights, and mostly does who pollute and just want to destroy everything.
Personality: A charming and somewhat gallant one. Mostly reserved on his own world, nobody ever knows what he is thinking. He hides a very destructive side if he gets cornered or way too *pushed*

Theodore Story.

Theodore doesn’t very much where or why he was born. All he knew after he was hatched in some kind of ruins made out of strange old old structures, not sure where he was… all he knew was he was a pichu alone in a solitary world.

When the time passed he was incredible lucky to find useful stuff on his own road, he even got his tie when he was walking through the ruins… and he just saw it lying there wondering why it was there. He took it with him and began to use ever since then.

One day he was sleeping on a tree burrow he found, unknown where he belonged or where to go…. He was really sad that night and he was tired of being alone. In the morning he heard a noise… It was a pokemon name Jigglypuff he just saw it giggling and then he noticed that he was glowing when the Pokemon approached him.  He wondered why and before he knew he was laughing for now reason… He was and felt strangely happy. The jigglypuff giggled and then flied away… Theodore simply followed him and then saw in front of himself a camp in the border of a desert and before he knew… He evolved right in there. He doesn’t know why or how it happened… He thinks it was one of Jigglypuff’s special abilities or something.

In the abandoned camp he found traces that it was habitated by some other pokemon but they left it. He then saw some kind pof note saying that to anyone that glows or is a pichu, pikachu or raichu with strange markings to follow the map to the new camp site.

Theodore thought that with that he would find some answers and that he would find his true origins and that maybe someday he will see that Pokemon Jigglypuff again… He took a discarded shawl and made his way through the desert and just stopped in a Little oasis to have some water before reaching the Camp and beginning his life with them.

Fun Facts: Always confused with a female. He doesn’t mind.
His nickname is mostly Theodore Lollipop due his markings.
His birtrhdate is June 30 Right in the middle of the year :D


Survival of the fittest.
RS Random Event: Rescuing the Maiden…

So the time had come, it was time to set sail, now that Solari, was now recovered from that last surprise of his long lost sister, now it was time to set sail and find a new adventure in the mysterious seas. Everyone packed what they needed in their own boats and before they knew it, they all set sail into the sea, with Solari’s boat taking the lead and guiding everyone… and following the formation that Solari asked so no one would get stranded while going into the sea…

Theodore and Sabrina, shared their boat and have their pet Carbunkle, to have fun in the sea, after all being always in the desert he needed the water and to refresh a bit.

“He looks really happy…” said Sabrina, smiling seeing how the little Spheal was jumping and splashing in the water.

“Indeed. After all he needs all that water and to refresh from time to time :)” said Theodore, seeing his pet was also happy. But then his Spheal began to point something and to growl nervously.

“What’s the matter boy? Did you saw something?” asked Theodore as he then looked something in the water. It was a stranded Pokemon that was floating in some kind of plank.

“Theodore, please tell your Spheal to bring him close to my boat!” ordered Solari that was ready to pick the Body. Theodore did so and so did his Spheal by carrying the plank near solari’s boat. Theodore then floated into SOlari’s boat to check on the Pokemons… They were injured and really tired from lack of food… Theodore used his training to patch both Pokemons up along with Ether in order to heal them… however they needed to rest for some time…

The journey into the sea continued, wondering what other surprises would come… into the sea…
Radiant Spirits Random Event: Family matters

Everything was set to sail, almost, even after the last attack from the so called void clan it left everyone with a new sensation of decision and hope, after all they were going to cross a sea, in the look for a better place than the desert itself. Theodore was happy he wasn’t going to go alone, but this time he had Sabrina and his little pet Carbunkle along with all his friends.

However before they were about to set sail into the sea, something seemed to have happened to Solari. At first none were sure what was, but then a rumor began to spread, about Solari finding a long lost sister, named Maya. Theodore then heard something about Solari’s mood having drop a bit because of that shocking news…

Since Solari, accepted him, after they awkward meeting; he thought it would be a nice idea if he was going to talk with him, and probably cheer him up… But as he arrived, Solari seemed to be like a statue, no movement and no words came from him.

“Solari, I don’t get why are you so sad…” began to say Theodore. “I think it is great that you find a long lost sister…”

“… … ... I don’t think you, of all Glowchus, should have come here” said Solari, with a somewhat serious voice. “You cannot really understand how I feel…”

“And why would you think that?” asked Theodore.

“Because you have been alone all your life… You wouldn’t know how it feels to suddenly find someone of your own blood, from what you have told me, you appeared out from nowhere, no parents and no other ones with your own blood… How could you ever understand how it pains to have the burden of a bond…?” asked Solari, almost to verge of *manly* tears.

Theodore at first didn’t answer but he saw through the soul of Solari and watched something that seemed to be pure sadness in his eyes… but then he regained his words.

“Is true… I never had a parent or someone I could call family, but that doesn’t mean I had to give up on myself. That’s why I kept living because I knew there was hope and someone to fill that void into my heart… And I did… with Sabrina and all of my friends in this clan. I finally created the bond I always wanted… maybe instead of feeling like this, you should eb grateful and make sure this come as the best for all of us” said Theodore with a serious tone, and apparently mking sOalri to think about it…

“… … You are right… You are right…” said Solari, touching Theodore’s shoulder and actually smiling while letting a tear to go down his cheek. “If that’s the case, then we will head out into the sea as a family and survival ones…” said Solari with a smile…

After that everything went smoother and everyone were now expecting to have a smooth sail into the sea… As for Solari, he was able to face her sister and to be in good terms with her and tell her how happy he was to be with her again.…

Here tey your luck with this giveaway :) 
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Moments of peace, moment to party… Part 3

Walth and Farron, thought that despite the lack of words, with other teams, they were doing pretty fine. They then noticed that in the main hall of the Manor there was a tranquil music in the place, and it was because Pokemon were dancing first with a soft and low music. Farron and Walth decided to join and they began to dance to the tune of the soft music. Then they kind of blushed, as they began to dance as good as they could and with that music…

“Farron…” began to say Walth, being so close with her long time friend.

“Yes Walth?” asked Farron, also feeling a bit awkward.

“You know, I never had any chance to be open with someone else as I am with you… and I am kind of grateful I did met you…” said Walth, blushing a bit.

“I am also glad, and meeting you was the best thing that happened me after that experience…” said Farron, also giving him a faint smile. “And I think… I…”

“Excuse me, can we exchange parents?” interrupted a voice that came from one of the other teams that it was another Hunter team that was a Zorua and a Shinx that for some reason both were female. Walth and Farron kind of glared at them at first, but then sighed and decided to dance with the pair… and then the music began to turn a lot more rhythmical, like Jazz style, and with that Farron and walth thought to return to each other, and do it with style, they suddenly made some wild moves and threw their partners in to the ceiling before returning to each other and let the others fall on their feet safely, and then continued to use an Aromatherapy and Sandstorm combination that quickly turned the spotlight into them as that kept dancing with a great force and with it, until they finished with one last luminous Energy Ball that covered the place in sparks. With that the others began to clap at them and to cheer at them… Walth and Farron didn’t mind much that victory… But still let out a smile to the others…

With that they decided to go with Solstice and her so called *test-Taste* stand for some refreshments and to relax before heading home. In there they encountered one last team that was formed by a Sneasel and Riolu, they were seemed to keep much to themselves much as they did.  

“So Farron, what you think? We made some acquaintances with the other teams, and with some of the leaders” said Walth, as she said their current progress.

“So do you like the refreshments, we finally created a liquid rather than ice to cool down the drinks” said Solstice, interrupting both.

“They sure work, and I think it is amazing flavor too…” said Farron.

“I know right, some of them are my personal mix, or some herbs and other natural sweets” said Ayami as she appeared to get a refreshment herself. “I heard you are leaving after this?”

“Sorry to leave so soon, but we must rest in order to eb ready for any other missions we must do” explained Walth.

“I understand. In any case, thank you so much for the help and for everything you have done for me” said Ayami. “You will always have my eternal gratitude” and with that they bowed to each other and then Walth and Farron began to part to their home, but then Robin appeared at the door and then said “So then, what’s your purpose here, because I am pretty sure, you have something in your minds. And I can see it in your eyes”
There was a long silence before Walth finally replied. “What we think or not, is not really important”

“LEt’s just sya, we have lived enough to have a reason to live, and as long as we stick to that” continued Farron.

“We will accomplish everything you and the guild ask us… At least for the time being” said Both before they continued their way home, not saying another word and finishing the night with one long awaited kiss in the cheek from each other… and being happy with their accomplishments that day.


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Myschief Dummy by Pikacshu


What can I say of myself?
There is nothing much to be honest... I just like vore and well... try to keep friends with me... do the right thing ^^;

and I just try to be as helpful as I can.

My Light and dark Side I use them with responsibility ;) Don't worry :D Working in it :D

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